Wine Rooms

Wine Rooms –
Freestanding, Premium and Bespoke

Wine Rooms store and display your fine wines in a beautiful, fully climate-controlled environment. Wine Rooms are designed with premium materials and components for a contemporary look, perfect for both commercial and domestic use.

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For a practical solution to store a large number of bottles in a small space, without disruption to your building, Freestanding wine rooms provide the perfect temperature-controlled space. They can be installed in most sheltered locations; barns, garages, workshops etc., and they can even be dismantled and relocated with relative ease. If your wine room needs to be a little wider, taller or longer, we can make a wine room to your specific dimensions to fit your space perfectly.

Premium Wine Rooms

Created with contemporary good looks, these Wine Rooms can blend in with your décor, they can also become a centre-piece of your interior design. With interior lighting and UV protected glass doors, the X-cross storage shelving displays your wine with classic elegance.

Bespoke Wine Room

This is where you can start to live the reality of your vision. Whether your Wine Room is ‘walk-in’ or ‘reach-in’, is a feature of your restaurant, entrance or entertainment space, fully-glazed customised wine rooms with premium temperature control equipment, is yours for the choosing.