Freestanding Wine Room


Freestanding Wine Room

Why would you want one?

  • When you need walk-in access to temperature-controlled storage that can be located just about anywhere!
  • When you don’t want complicated electrics or plumbing, just plug in and go.
  • Great for storage ‘out of view’, but the unit is also easy to clad.
  • You can even dismantle it and relocate it!

A couple more plus-points:

  • Premium insulation materials with robust and simple construction make this Wine Room a very versatile unit.
  • Available in regular sizes, they are also made-to-measure, any shape and size you need.
  • Standard racking can be included with your purchase, or you can fit your own.
  • Split cooling unit option available to suit air-space and ventilation if needed.
  • One standard ceiling mounted interior light included.


N.B.  Prices include VAT in the UK and kerbside delivery to UK Mainland only.  


For those wanting to store their wines in tip-top conditions but with limited space or no logical area for a wine cellar.

Please see the racking layouts for the regular sized wine room options, that indicate how many bottles could be racked.  The layouts used still allow some room for crate storage etc.




Wine Rooms ordered without racking could store upto:

1200 x 1200mm  –  440 Bottles

1200 x 1800mm  –  680 Bottles

1800 x 1800mm  –  1360 Bottles

1800 x 2200mm  –  1680 Bottles

Planning diagrams for a couple of bespoke wine rooms

  • One in a cubby hole, and the other one, under stairs.
  • Any shape, any size, we mean it!




N.B Prices do not include installation costs for the Wine Room or racking.

For more information on Wine Room including installation or delivery costs, please call us on 01302 744916 or email us here:

Guarantee: 2 years when installed and used in accordance with the User Guide. 

** Please note that replacement units and spare parts are sold with 12 months guarantee **