Bespoke Wine Rooms

Bespoke Wine Rooms

For fine dining establishments and private collectors


Embarking on the journey of creating a custom wine room can be an intricate affair where experience and expertise are essential right at the beginning.  Calling us for a chat at the earliest opportunity will give you access to a wealth of knowledge based on 25 years of temperature-controlled wine cellar and wine room installations.


Wine Corner Ltd combines robust industry expertise with the personal touch of a dedicated team, we’re big enough to engineer superior solutions for you, yet small enough to attend to details and ongoing service and maintenance.


It really pays to talk to us early on.


Our extensive range of wine cellar cooling units in the UK and Europe enables us to offer solutions that other providers simply cannot.  We have the ability to address and create solutions for a wide variety of unique geographical and architectural challenges.


You could say, that architects and interior designers shape beauty and form, while Wine Corner Ltd specifies function and efficiency creating the desired ambience.  At the same time, not only will your Wine Room look exquisite, but it will maintain the perfect climatic conditions for wine preservation.


Ideal for both distinguished homes and premier dining establishments, we’re ready to help.  Call us on 01302 744916 for some friendly professional advice.

Wine Corner Ltd – Temperature-controlled Wine Storage Solutions



Wine Master is our selected exclusive supplier

for the biggest range of wine conditioning equipment in the UK and Europe.


Over 25 years, our in-house engineers have been product trained for installation, maintenance and repairs.

The range includes:

  • ‘Through the wall’ units
  • Ducted units
  • Split units
  • Ceiling mounted units
  • Door mounted units
  • Frost Protection options
  • Heated units


These are just a few of the units that might be suitable for your wine room.  The full range of units can be viewed here

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We will help you (and your designer/project manager/architect) select the best equipment for the space you have, and the construction of your building.

With proven reliability and efficiency of the equipment and it’s installation, you can be confident that your wine will be safe and protected at all times.