WineMaster WINE IN50 + Conditioning Unit


The WINE IN50+ is the very best of wine cellar conditioning units. It is without doubt the quietest conditioning unit on the market today and also offers a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard air conditioners.

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The WINE IN50+ also offers the best C.O.P. performance for integrated air conditioners making it the product of choice for those serious about wine storage and preserving their wine investment.
The WINE IN50+ sits inside the cellar with two connection pipes which go to the outside of the cellar. This air conditioning unit offers cooling for cellars up to 50m3 in size and helps to transform a well insulated room into a true wine cellar.

Features and benefits include:

• Energy savings with an energy saving motor fan, a rotary compressor and a reaction turbine

• 90% electrical efficiency with a brush-less motor

• Air-conditions up to 50m3*

• Design for a perfect integration in the cellar

• Two speed motor operated by the thermostat

• Easy to read digital display with electronic thermostat

• Maintains a constant temperature in the cellar between 5 and 15°C

• 437m3/h air flow at full speed through the cellar

• Standby mode: cold production can be stopped manually

• Humidity control : Condensation of moisture excess and evacuation to the outside

• Anti-vibration system with elements mounted on rubber shock absorbers

• Eco-friendly with the use of ecological refrigerant gas ( R407C without CFC)

• Automatic pressure controller depending on outside temperatures

• Easy maintenance with a dust filter in a drawer for easy access and cleaning. It is recommended that you replace the filter once a year to maintain the efficient operation of the unit

• Two years warranty against all manufacturing defect

Fuse Required for plug is 3 Amp

Accessories kit supplied with the WINE IN50+ for time saving and optimal insulation includes a complete duct kit ensuring the air entry and exit: 1 pipe with muff diameter of 160mm being 950mm in length and 2 telescopic wall crossings TMK 125/150 with shutter to sluice valves.
If you’re looking to buy or replace your wine cellar conditioning unit, it makes sense to buy the WINE IN50+, the best wine cellar conditioning unit on the market today.
An additional kit of accessories, KITWINE50+ is also available should you feel your particular installation will require additional accessories.

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* depending on the insulation characteristics of your cellar

Delivery is free and generally within 3 to 5 working days to mainland UK locations.

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