WineMaster WINE IN25 Conditioning Unit


The WINE IN25 wine conditioning unit controls temperature and humidity for cellars up to 25m3 in size.

The conditioning unit is installed inside the cellar, normally in an elevated position.  It is ducted (see movie) to ensure excellent airflow from outside the cellar to the unit, and also for the removal of warm air from the cellar to a location outside of the room.

Watch Now to see how this unit fits inside a cellar  >>


The features and benefits of the WINE IN25 unit include:

• Reduced energy costs with an energy saving motor fan that requires just 7 watts for the fan to function at full speed

• 2 adjustable speeds controlled by the thermostat

• Over 90% electrical efficiency with a brush-less engine

• Quiet operating with rubber shock absorbers to reduce vibration noise

• Excellent air flow of 198m3 measured inside a cellar

• Ecological coolant gas used that does not contain CFCs

• Electronic thermostat with large and prominent digital display for ease of reading

• Easy maintenance with a dust filter change recommended once a year

• Optional installation kit available to save on installation time and for optimal insulation

Specific accessories that come with the WINE IN25 for installation purposes include a complete duct kit ensuring air entry and exit:

• 2 pipes that are 125mm in diameter and 2 metres in length

• 2 support collars – 125mm diameter

• 2 bends 90 degrees with sleeves – 125mm diameter

• 2 telescopic wall crossings of TMK 125/150 with shutter to sluice valves

Additional accessories can be purchased separately if required for your particular installation including more pipe, 90 degree elbow with muff and clamps.

Dimensions (mm): 540h x 540l x 630d

Gas – R449A

Fuse Required for the Plug is  3 Amp

Delivery is free and generally within 3 to 5 working days to mainland UK locations.

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