WineMaster Wine SP40CA Conditioning Unit


The SP40CA is a specially designed conditioning unit that operates perfectly with bespoke glazed wine walls and wine rooms.  As the name suggests, the unit will control the temperature and humidity levels of a bespoke glazed wine cellar, meeting the latest interior glazing specifications, up to 40 cubic metres in volume

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Whether you are a passionate wine lover or a professional restaurateur, your wine collection deserves the finest of showcases to enhance the whole wine experience.

The new generation conditioning units for wine cellars from Wine Corner offers:
• Unobtrusive positioning
• Constant temperature regulation by heating or cooling
• Humidity level maintained
• Temperature adjustable from 4°C to 15°C
• Low noise levels
• Automatic defrosting
• Serial reheating

To protect your wine further, we have provided all the essential protective features including:
• Pressure-controlled expansion valve and speed regulator
• Pressure-controlled safety switches for low and high pressure
• Check valve
• Heating belt
• Metal dust filter

Additional specifications:

  • The WINE SP40CA is a Split Unit with a ducted evaporator system for wine cellars.
  • The Split Unit can accommodate connections over a maximum distance of 20m horizontally and 10m vertically.
  • The WINE SP40CA requires a separate 16amp power supply.
  • The WINE SP40CA must be installed by a registered refrigeration engineer.
  • The unit is delivered with two years warranty against any manufacturing defects.

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WineMaster SP40CA

Range WineMaster has been designed to provide an optimal air conditioning solution for the cellar of your dreams. Thanks to a constant temperature and a preserved humidity, your wines flourish throughout the year in a wine cellar with the best conditions.

theWineMaster SP40CA fits perfectly into a glazed space.

As for the WINESP40CE and WINESP40DU, the sound level of the outdoor unit is 42 dB maximum (when the outdoor temperature is high and without additional fittings).
Its dimensions allow it to integrate ideally into the ceiling, making it aesthetically discreet thanks to its small footprint (just over 15cm).


The air conditioner consists of two separate units, a thermostat box and a connection box. They must be interconnected by a rigid refrigeration connection and electrical connections.
The length of the refrigeration connections between the two units must not exceed 20m.


Outdoor unit: 

Dimensions H x W x D: 642 x 857 x 424 mm

Weight: 55KG

Indoor unit: 

Dimensions: H x W x D: 262 x 517 x 327 mm

Weight: 17KG


  • Temperature adjustment Preset at 12 ° C, adjustable between 8 and 18 ° C *
  • Max outside temperature 40 ° C **
  • 900 W cooling capacity at 15 ° C **
  • 230 / 240V-50 Hz power supply
  • Electric power cooling mode 600 W
  • Electric power heating mode 500 W
  • R449 gas

* With insulation adapted to the temperature and volume of the room.
** As the power decreases according to the outside temperature, the device may lose its ability to maintain 12°C if the outside temperature approaches 40°C.