Should I Get a Wine Cabinet?

Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

There are many things to consider when thinking about wine cabinets, but perhaps the first question you should ask yourself, is do I need a wine cabinet?

For a business owner, where you will serve a large amount of wine, the answer is often yes. To ensure that your beverages are at the optimum temperature for serving, using a wine cabinet is the smart choice. They can be programmed to the correct temperature for the type of wine you are serving, and some models come with two or more compartments to allow you to store different types of wine at the correct temperature for that wine. You can choose a size of cabinet which will be most suitable for your business needs, depending on how much wine you usually serve.

At home, there are more factors to consider. Is your main desire to have a few bottles in to drink in the coming weeks or months, or is it to preserve a collection, or age a selection of wines?

If you only have a couple of bottles that you plan to drink soon then you can get away with storing them in a normal fridge, or cupboard. However, if you plan to store them for longer, a normal kitchen fridge is not the optimum environment, and temperature in most houses varies considerably throughout the year and even throughout the day.

For the best wine storage, the conditions not only need to be correct, but consistent. If you have a growing collection of wine which you wish to store or age for a long period of time, a wine cabinet is the connoisseur’s choice. It is worth considering not only how much wine you have now but if you plan to increase your collection, how much you would like to store in the future.

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