Wine Corner’s BIB Dispensers for Waitroses’ ‘Unpacked’ project

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The Wine Show and When in Rome partner to launch ‘unpacked’ wine By Lisa Riley, from Published:  04 December, 2019 The Wine Show and When in Rome have joined forces to launch a wine specifically sourced for the ‘unpacked market’.  In a bid to reduce the environmental impact of heavy, energy-intensive, glass packaging, the duo […]

NEW Bag-in-the-box Refrigerated Dispensers

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NO MORE CORKS! Are you in the hospitality industry looking to make the move from bottle to bag? Perhaps you’re a Zero Waste retailer looking for an eco-friendly way to store, serve and sell quality wine via a ‘re-fill’ service?  GREAT NEWS!  You have a range of 4 quality engineered, purpose-built, refrigerated dispensers to choose […]

An Introduction to English Sparkling Award-Winners

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English sparkling wine have been making major strides in the past two years, winning a number of prestigious awards and helping to build the UK’s domestic wine industry into an internationally recognised brand with a reputation for reasonable prices and world-class fizz. Britons purchased a record amount of champagne and sparkling wine totalling £164 million […]

UK Sparkling Wine: Standing Out in a Global Market

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Following the major investments made by renowned Champenois Taittinger, with their English vineyard, Domaine Evremond, and Vranken-Pommery, with their acreage in Pinglestone, in Alresford, Hampshire the push for the international recognition and appreciation of UK viticulture is in overdrive. According to statistics provided by WineGB the United States has become the primary export market for […]

English Fizz: International Recognition and Collaboration

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Following the recent explosion in success and popularity for the UK wine industry, both domestically and internationally, there has never been a more appropriate time to take stock of the growth experienced with a once overlooked area of UK production. In 2018, a total of 1.6 million vines were planted with over 1000 acres of […]

A Bright Future: The UK Wine Industry

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With 2018’s bountiful harvest yielding a significantly high quality of grapes due to the hot Summer temperatures and ideal conditions exposed to UK vineyards, the future looks brighter than ever for the UK Wine Industry moving forward into 2019. British Wine has been flying under the radar for many years, slowly gaining international recognition as […]

English Wine Week – something to celebrate!

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It’s ‘English Wine Week’ from May 25th through to June the 2nd and for those who think us Brits don’t have much of a wine industry to celebrate, you might be quite surprised to learn that the UK wine industry is very much a thriving and growing force! In actual fact there are no fewer […]

The Reasons Why It Is Important To Have A Wine Cellar At Home

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With wine sales rising across the UK in the last year, with 2018 having a record-breaking harvest, more and more people are beginning to understand how important the condition of a wine bottle is to the taste it has. This fact has become increasingly evident to those who have invested into collecting a large selection […]

Brexit and the Bottle

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Let the Wine Industry stop wrestling with BREXIT speculation and spend a moment looking to the future to invest in POS and lead by example to their trade customers…

Enhancing the Experience and Increasing Wine Sales

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One of Guernsey’s premier Hotels reached a point where they were ready to expand and enhance the customer experience, and they had the perfect place right under their feet.  The Cellar.  In this case, a proper, stone and brick, underground cellar, in very good structural condition. The Team at Wine Corner were originally consulted by […]

Wine Cabinets vs Wine Racks


If you’re new to wine storage, the options may seem a little overwhelming and the differences between them a little confusing. Here we’ll compare two different types of wine storage, wine cabinets and wine storage racks, looking at the pros and cons of each. Space Both wine cabinets and wine racks come in a wide […]