NEW Bag-in-the-box Refrigerated Dispensers


Are you in the hospitality industry looking to make the move from bottle to bag? Perhaps you’re a Zero Waste retailer looking for an eco-friendly way to store, serve and sell quality wine via a ‘re-fill’ service?  GREAT NEWS!  You have a range of 4 quality engineered, purpose-built, refrigerated dispensers to choose from!

People who love their wine have to put their faith and trust in the seller or distributor, that the wine will meet their expectations and deliver an experience that triggers all the senses, in the best way possible.  Want to find out more?  Read on…

Bag in a box? Keep it cool in perfect taste

Wine in a bag might not sound the most appealing when considering your next tipple. For years it’s been thought of as a hangover-inducing low-grade substitute for the good stuff. But that’s all changing, thanks to new techniques which have radically upgraded the quality of wine that can be packaged as BIB, or “bag in the box” wine.  When in Rome are world leaders in perfecting BIB Italian Craft Wine.

This comeback product has been forecast to turn the heads of wine drinkers everywhere with sales of BIB wines on Amazon surging by 212%. And the demand is there for good reason.  BIB wine is providing an alternative to growing issues around environmental damage, producing a smaller carbon footprint in the manufacturing process.

BIB natural wines are surely going to be a hit in that they’re ‘healthier’ than your normal tipple. As we’re growing more and more health-conscious, having fewer artificial additives in the wine will appeal to many looking for a nice glass of vino whilst at the same time watching their waistline. Not to mention the significantly lower costs involved.  According to the Drinks Business, it is all about changing perception. There’s no need for bars and restaurants to shy away from bag in a box wine anymore. With the popularity of brewery and craft beer, it makes sense for wine to follow suit and go off the well-trodden path of bottled wine.

You may be wondering where Wine Corner comes into all this. We’re delighted to announce we are now the exclusive, wine-orientated distributor and retailer of Wine Corner Bag in the Box Refrigerated Dispensers (LINK). Drinkable for three weeks after being tapped, these bags of wine are changing the retail space like we haven’t seen before. Just because it comes in a bag, the wine still needs to be stored appropriately to maintain the quality and flavour, ready for the customers palette. BIB wine, albeit very different from your typical bottle in terms of production and flavour, still has the same cooling requirements.  And that’s where the importance of cooling and dispensing wines lies. With these Wine Corner Refrigerated Dispensers, the absence of a cork stopper eliminates any risk of contamination by TCA.

Storing your BIB wine in Wine Corner Bag in the Box Refrigerated Dispensers also brings space-saving benefits, with two dispensers in the range serving up to 20 litres of wine and soft drinks. They are characterised by two independent delivery systems for different product qualities. These options give you the freedom to cool and dispense BIB wine in the way which suits you and your establishment best. With all this in mind, we need to consider style. Aesthetics of retail or private spaces are crucial in today’s market place; 68% of restaurant customers are willing to spend their entire evenings in a restaurant that has an appealing bar. It would be foolish to ignore statistics like that, so ensuring what customers see on the other side of the bar is visually appealing, is worth considering.

Wine Corner Refrigerated Dispensers have style and suitability at the forefront of their design solutions. Dispensing boxed wines doesn’t need to insinuate any less of a quality experience than we get from drinking bottled wine, so style shouldn’t be compromised when purchasing your new BIB wine cooler. However, it’s important not to allow aesthetic concerns to trump efficient functionality which is why the Wine Corner Refrigerated Dispensers is second-to-none. The wine is protected from contact with air meaning hyper-oxidation is avoided and the quality of the wine served will retain its unique flavour.

Wine lovers can trust that their wine will be served properly from Wine Corner Refrigerated Dispensers.  The wine is bagged; it’s not losing quality like an open bottle with a badly fitting cork shoved in a bar fridge does – which we all know happens more than we’d like! For that reason, and often that the wine is stored with ciders and fruit juices, the quality and flavour of wine is often compromised.  Wine is commonly stored at the wrong temperature which also adds to the risk of an imperfect glass of wine.  Our refrigerated dispensers ensure that wine will be served at the correct and perfect temperature, so that customers can enjoy a great glass of wine.

Serving wine has also never been easier as different models have different capacities and dispensing options, such as the Totem dispenser has an added option to be fitted with a pre-measured dispensing function, something that other models don’t feature.

Research and development is constantly increasing the number of wines being brewed for BIB packaging, ticking boxes such as value, premium, natural, and biodynamic. Wine Corner Refrigerated Dispensers are not only great in restaurants, bars and mobile catering environments, but also in private, domestic spaces too.  Check out the links and give us a call on 01302 744916 to find out more!


Totem Refrigerated Dispenser Exclusive to Wine Corner Ltd
Totem BIB (Bag-in-the-box) Refrigerated Dispenser
Wine Corner GS10 Refrigerated Dispenser Capacity: 10 litres
Wine Corner GS10 Refrigerated Dispenser Capacity: 10 litres
Wine Corner GS20 Dual Refrigerated Dispenser Capaciti: 20 litres
Wine Corner GS20 Dual Refrigerated Dispenser Capacity: 20 litres
Wine Corner HB100 Dual Temp Dual Dispenser Capacity 20 litres
Wine Corner HB100 Dual Temp Dual Dispenser Capacity 20 litres