Beaujolais Nouveau and Georges Duboeuf

Getting trolleyed this Thursday 16th November ’23? #beaujolaisnouveau day is fast approaching, an annual global event thanks to the marketing genius of Georges Duboeuf in the 1970s and 80s, (which is enjoying a bit of a revival here in the UK – a perfect pairing for classic car runs to Beaujolais and back!)

How did one man, in an ‘analog’ age of 50-60 years ago, get the world to buy in to the release of one of the world’s youngest wines from a previously uncelebrated Beaujolais Region in France?

He had all the essential qualities of a determined and successful genius:

  • Passion
  • Unsurpassable depth of knowledge
  • Experience
  • Communication skills
  • Vision
  • Belief
  • Determination
  • Respect
  • Confidence

Duboeuf created the Beaujolais Nouveau phenomenon by:

🍷 Recognising the potential of Beaujolais Nouveau as more than just a wine; he saw it as a symbol of celebration and joy. He used his skills to promote Beaujolais Nouveau not just in France but across the world.

🍷 He was instrumental in transforming the release of Beaujolais Nouveau into an international event by setting a specific release date (the third Thursday of November) and building anticipation for it. He created a sense of excitement and urgency around the wine.

🍷 He understood the power of the media and used it to his advantage. He engaged in publicity stunts, such as the Beaujolais Run – which London restaurant would be first to open the first bottle?

🍷 He cultivated relationships with restaurateurs, retailers, and distributors worldwide, ensuring that Beaujolais Nouveau was widely available and prominently featured in shops and restaurants.

🍷 Quality and consistency of the product was recognised as the foundation of success. While his focus was on marketing, Duboeuf also ensured that the quality of the wine was consistently good, building and maintaining its reputation.

🍷 Ingeniously, Duboeuf was also known for his attention to the design of his wine labels, which were colourful and distinctive. Beaujolais Nouveau was distinctive making them instantly recognisable, adding to the wine’s appeal and popularity.

Original Beaujolais Wine Bottle Label

Sound familiar? What was needed 50+ years ago is still needed now.

Duboeuf was ahead of his time – he ‘went viral’ 40 years before it came a thing!

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