Quadro Vino No. 52


The Quadro Vino No. 52 is a refrigerated compartment with a frame for five bottles and 2 glasses. This is  brand new way to display, store and serve wine.


This is a very special display, where you take a bottle of wine and serve at 16° which is a totally new thing new experience, something which we never thought possible.

This is a special piece, when placed in a kitchen or lounge, rather than in a restaurant or a hotel which cannot go unnoticed.

The cooling is achieved through a noiseless ventilated thermal power system controlled by a digital temperature control.

The system incorporates the following:-

Thermal Power system

Sheet metal body

wooden frame

20mm double glazing

Magnetic seal

Laminated Panel

LED BrightWhite Warm lighting system with the option of blue LED

Uncooled compartment

Customisation (Optional)