Wine Wall PM-SAR10 / PC-SAR10


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Wine Wall PM-SAR10 and PC-SAR10 are the Salami Module available from Wine Corner.


Dimensions (mm)      H:1898       W:900       D:510

The PM-SAR10 has a panel at the rear and is therefore best placed against a wall. A frame and side panels are required to complete the solution and can be purchased from the related products section below.

Wine Wall PC-SAR10 Salami Module is similar to the Wine Wall PM-SAR10 – the only difference is that the PC-SAR10 should be positioned in a central location as this Wine Wall does not have a back panel but includes glass doors on both sides for easy access to your wine.

The options of colours and finishes can be seen by looking at the Wine Wall Side Panels P-PLA and Frames.

If you would like to purchase a Wine Wall using our monthly payment option (which is available to Limited Companies), please contact us.

For more information or to talk through your requirements, please call us on +44 1302 744916.

Wine Wall Dimensions PC SAR10 and PM SAR10 - 996kb