WineMaster WineARM15 Conditioning Unit


The Wine Arm 15 is a compact, flush-fitting, ceiling mounted unit which can be discreetly incorporated into your wine room or cellar.

It is supplied complete with Ducting Cowl Kit so you can fit your own ducting.

Watch the movie to see how the Wine Arm15 is installed:


It is perfect for cooling room space of 15m³ where your wine will be stored at a consistent temperature between 8 and 18°C

About the wine arm 15:

  • Silent operation (38dB) creating peaceful ambience
  • No drainage or pipework necessary for easy installation
  • Powered by regular 220-204v mains supply – plug in and ‘go’
  • Low energy consumption – low running costs
  • Proven engineering providing worry-free long-term performance
  • Regulated by a wired electronic thermostat for reliability
  • Easy-reach dust filter for easy maintenance

*Note:  There are air ducting and pump kits available for the Wine Arm 15 to improve air flow for installations where air flow might be restricted.  Please call for details and advice.

Tech Specs:

Conditioning Capacity – 15 Cubic Meters

Overall dimensions – 317H x 885W x 424D (Unit only)

With Ducting Cowl Kit attached and inserts, total width is 1265mm

Weight – 31kg  (add approx 1 kg for the Ducting Cowl Kit)

Cooling Power – 500w at 15 degrees C

Elec Power – 220-240-50 Hz

Coolant – R449A (no CFCs)

Thermostat and Thermometer – Yes

Dust Filter – Yes

Lighting Device – No

Guarantee – 2 Years

Install Guide – Yes

Sound Level – 38dB

Fuse Required – 3 Amp

Ducting Cowl Kit comprises:

  • Ducting Cowl x2
  • Blanking plate x2
  • Ducting connector (125mm internal dia) x2

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