VAYLA Portable Rechargeable Bottle Chiller


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Exclusive from Wine Corner

Using the best of Scandinavian design and engineering, this elegant bottle cooler keeps your still and sparkling wine at the perfect temperature for up to 8 hours.  No ice, no water, no mess.

This elegant table-ware is perfect for fine dining establishments and the home, ensuring the full flavour of the wine can be enjoyed until the very last drop.


VAYLA – Elegant Bottle Chiller

Portable and Rechargable

Experience how wine should be.

A temperature controlled, enhanced taste experience.

The VAYLA maintains the ideal temperature throughout the entire wine service to ensure every wine and champagne tastes as intended.  Designed in Denmark, VAYLA expresses the beauty of simplicity, function and minimalism in the most  meaningful way.

Designed for hospitality

VAYLA is the perfect companion for hoteliers, restaurateurs and caterers.  Delivering your customers the experience they seek.

  • No ice.
  • No water.
  • No mess.
  • No need to keep checking your guests’ rooms or tables.
  • Improved hygiene and efficiency.


Single bottle, Rechargeable & Portable.

  • Lightweight, simple to store, use, clean and re-charge.
  • Delight your customers in-room, at table or out and about.
  • Save time, energy and waste.
  • Reduce the need for the energy and time to make ice.



Sustainable by design.

Engineered to last, environmentally-friendly, uses clean electrical technology and has a built-in circular supply chain model.

The VAYLA has been designed to enable a fully circular product build using the right processes for sustainable design.

Ocean recovered plastic.

By using only plastic that has been recovered from the ocean, we remove a contaminant from nature and create a recylced product that does not further contribute to the plastic waste cycle.

Designed for now and the future.

Every part of VAYLA has been developed with a focus on minimising the C02 footprint through material choice and use.  We avoid glueing and welding to enable them to be returned to the supply chain for future recycling.