IP Superior – IPS1


Italian thoroughbred Design and Craftsmanship

The most exquisitely designed high performance temperature-controlled storage to both display and protect the finest of wines, delicatessen and tobacco.

*All cabinets are made to order – please contact us for assistance when making your selections.

The IPS1 Cabinet, in black painted stainless steel finish, with frameless double-glazed door

Would you have anything in your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful?  And isn’t style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak?

IP (IP Spa) is an established manufacturer specialising in refrigerated cabinets for storing, ageing and serving wine. The company’s history is defined by the ambition to design and manufacture elegant, high-quality products, well suited to meet every client’s particular needs in both domestic and commercial settings.

Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.  Details can be cold and unfeeling with little or no heart but once caressed by the experienced hands of Italian design, that’s when the perfect balance of all elements is achieved and the highest standards of manufacture brings this exquisite range of cabinets to you.

Luxury is in each detail and exquisite details make the heart sing.

Price shown is for an IPS1 Cabinet with the following options:

  • Temperature Zone: Mono
  • Internal Storage: Sliding Shelves for horizontal storage of bottles.


If you would like different internal fittings to the above, please contact us directly to discuss the storage options available and for an accurate quote.


The IP Superior cabinets are both contemporary and classical in their design.

Together with their superior interior fittings, the IP Superior cabinets can be a central focal point of your interior design, or an elegant temperature-controlled storage facility that blends in seamlessley with your decor.

Experience and the continual drive for innovation has led IP Spa to develop these top of the range pedigree cabinets to conserve not only wines, but also cigars, charcuterie and the finest of delicatessen foods.

The IPS project is driven by IP Spa’s passion and determination to develop cutting-edge solutions, with unequalled design, functionality and reliability.  IPS division’s climatized cabinets, designed and assembled in Italy, are the apex of IP’s long tradition of experimenting with essentiality, lightness, purity of shapes and elegance in materials.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

The IPS products are completely customized, each module can be configured individually or in pairs to create a multifunctional product that is perfect for all types of storage.

Specifications for the IPS1 cabinet shown in the image gallery above:

    • Dimensions 601 x 1997 x 587 mm  (w x h x d)
    • Weight 95 kg
    • Static refrigeration
    • Heating program
    • Automatic defrosting
    • Lock (optional)
    • Internal LED light
    • No. of compressors: single compartment 1 / double compartment 2
    • Maximum absorption: one 240w cell / double 480w cell
    • Double glazed door in metal or solid wood
    • Anti UV rays glass
    • Available versions: monotemperature, multi-temperature, dual
    • Temp regulation: mono 4° / 18°c, dual – upper area 4° / 18°c, lower area 4° / 18°c, ambient temperature 10° / 32°


Sample price above includes VAT and delivery to UK Mainland.

The final price is dependent on interior fittings in the completed order and specification – please contact us for assistance on +44 (1302) 744916

Options for IP Superior Cabinets IPS1 and IPS2

Download Options Guide Here 


IPS Wine Deli Cabinet


How to choose your IP Superior Cabinets IPS1, IPS2 (temperature controlled) and IPS (ambient only)



Shelving for all cabinet types:


Combine a beautiful ambient IPS Cabinet to your IPS1 or IPS2