Cornice C2V 20S


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The C2V 20S has a solid wood frame, a lock and key with 3 double glazed sides and an aluminium back panel. This is just one of our Italian Wine Cabinets by IP.


Dimensions(mm)       850 (w) x 500(d) x 930(h)

Bottles                       48

The C2V 20S  has a solid wood frame which is available in Black, White, Chestnut, Teak and Loft Wenge.  The C2V 20S has an aluminium interior with sliding glass doors as well as a lock and key. The unit has 3 glass panels and an aluminium back panel

The C2V 20S also includes a digital temperature controller with a temperature range between 6 – 18 degrees and can be used as a mono or multi-temperature unit, with a LED white lighting system.

With the cornice range it is possible to order the cabinet with the following options, prices on request:-

Coloured LED Lighting

Anti-Fog Doors