Cura e protezione


As the proud owner of a wine collection being protected by our conditioning units and cabinets, it is important you are aware of what your equipment needs in order to maximise energy efficiency and ensure optimum performance for many years.
Here are 3 priorities for you to keep in mind…

Air Flow and Ventilation

Ventilation is at the heart of your wine storage solution

Always, always, make sure that all air vents are clean and not blocked or the air-flow obstructed in any way.

Those inconspicuous pieces of steel, wood or plastic with grilles must have free and easy access to air, whether they are at floor level or close to the ceiling.

Whether they are pulling air in, or pushing air out, circulation and free-dispersal of air is essential.

Avoid positioning furniture or other items within 1000mm of an air vent. This is even more important for larger installations where the compressor unit is located outside of the property.


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Air Filters – quarterly checks and annual renewals

For optimum performance and hygienic air-flow

Out of sight and easily forgotten, clean air filters are critical to excellent performance and longevity of your equipment.

It takes a minute or 2, once every 3 months. If you aren’t sure where the air filter is in your unit or cabinet, call us and we’ll help you locate it or you can take a look at the product information elsewhere on this website to find the information you need.

Filters can be cleaned using normal domestic cleaning items like a hoover or a brush. If it takes much more than a minute to clean, then the recommendation is to clean off what you can, order a replacement filter and fit it as soon as possible.

Register now for annual filter reminders

Let us know if you would like us to send you a filter reminder once a year.

Filter checks and changes - quick, easy and essential

Cellars and Wine Rooms

A damp-proof, insulated and sealed environment

Whether you have inherited an existing cellar or created a new one, we will assume at this point that your cellar or wine room is in a location where the natural environmental conditions are consistent, between 10 – 16oC and dry (60-70% humidity). If you have a purpose-built cellar or wine room, we will assume that the floor, ceiling and walls have been insulated, and any doors and windows are suitably double-glazed and sealed, allowing no air to come in to the space, and allowing no air to escape.

The only air movement within the cellar or wine room should be to and from the conditioning unit, and when the door is opened and closed for access.

As time passes…

We have come across situations where doors no longer seal properly, perhaps there has been a repair or modification and the importance of the seal has been overlooked.

The root cause of most of our call-outs is down to conditions beyond our control, similar to the those listed above. The equipment we supply and install is designed to deliver great performance for many years, within a pre-determined set of operating conditions as specified by the manufacturer.

The equipment is robust enough to withstand exceptional conditions (like a heatwave or cold spell) for 2 – 4 weeks once or twice a year, but it is not designed to cope with excessive demands on a continual basis. If this is the case, then a different unit needs to be specified that can provide the necessary levels of performance.

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