Garage transformed into the perfect Wine Cellar

We always tell people you can have a fabulous wine cellar almost anywhere, and for one of our customers, we built a wine cellar in their garage!

Here are some of the photos to show you how it all came together, right from scratch, through the building and insulation process, to the final finished room.

You don’t need a huge space to have a bespoke wine cellar in your home, we can work with all sorts of different size spaces. We tailor everything to the space in your home whether you want storage for 40 bottles or 4,000!

Insulation is one of the most important elements of the construction process – it helps to keep the temperature even and consistent, and of course, will help to make the running of the wine conditioning units more energy efficient.

All insulated and decorated, ready to receive the bespoke racking…

…and of course, the wine conditioning unit…  in this case, it’s the Wine Master IN50 with it’s sleek looks, easy access filter and quiet operation.

Regular wine racking for maximum storage capacity.

Classic arrangement with case holders in the lower section of storage with sliding shelves for easy access, and of course, minimal movement and vibration when selecting bottles for serving.

Wine cellars don’t all have to be underground!  With the latest equipment and insulation, we can turn all kinds of spaces into a home wine cellar.  The first step is easy, just contact us so we can go through different options with you. We love coming up with new designs, whether it’s traditional, rustic and classical or something more contemporary and artistic.