Enhancing the Experience and Increasing Wine Sales

One of Guernsey’s premier Hotels reached a point where they were ready to expand and enhance the customer experience, and they had the perfect place right under their feet.  The Cellar.  In this case, a proper, stone and brick, underground cellar, in very good structural condition.

The Team at Wine Corner were originally consulted by the Architect for a few pointers, and because we were just our everyday helpful-selves, understanding their needs and giving them ideas to help them over a couple of hurdles, they promptly assigned us the job of designing and installing their cellar.  We were very happy to oblige!  Three site visits and meetings and plans were agreed, everything was measured up, and the project started to roll.

As always, quality insulation is fundamental for temperature control and consistency.

Then, you need a reliable, skilled workforce, who take a pride in their work, to make sure everything fits as it should, if it moves, it moves smoothly, if it’s solid, it’s properly secured.

On schedule, the client can then start furnishing the new cellar and transport the wine into it’s new storage facility.

And so the enhanced customer experience begins… and our client starts to enjoy the return on his investment.



The Team at Wine Corner is here to help and advise with your cellar and it’s equipment, as much or as little as you like.  Just give us a call or email us.