Wine Dispensers and Preservation Systems for your Restaurant or Bar

It is one thing to be a wine enthusiast at home and keep all of your wine in perfect storage conditions for long term storage and cooling of the wine, but if you have a venue where you serve a considerable amount of wine there are many different priorities to consider and more suitable options than a long-term storage wine cabinet.

You may of course have a few select bottles that you do wish to store, but for the ones you use every day we offer a variety of wine dispensers which can accommodate a varying number of bottles, and also wine preservation systems. Here are some options to consider:


We have a variety of sizes of wine dispensing unit, such as this professional wine serving cabinet 12 bottle model made of high-grade stainless steel. There are many customisable options for these units including brush finish or optional colour coatings, and a transparent rear side option for dramatic see-through effects. There is also an option for multifunctional Wine by the Card technology.

Another possibility we can offer you is the by the glass modular system. This is a space saving wine serving system for two bottles which can easily be expanded with the addition of more units. The experience of using this system can also be brought directly to the customer through use of smartphones and mobile applications.



If you serve a large amount of wine, are keen to cut down on wastage and want to keep it in top condition after the bottle is opened, a Wine or Champagne Preservation System may be for you.

We currently offer systems for wine preservation only, a duo system for wine and champagne, and a champagne only system. They all come in table top or tower styles so you can best choose which suits your needs.

If you’re stuck for ideas why don’t you take a look at the showcase gallery on our website to see units in place and the variety we offer.

If you’d like to discuss the options further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.