Wine cellars and wine rooms

For the genuine wine enthusiast, or for a business where wine is a priority, it is worth considering a wine cellar or wine room. As well as providing an aesthetically pleasing space, if you are serious about wine you will want your wine to be kept in the best possible conditions, and we are able to help you provide that.

If you have a suitable space in your home, restaurant, hotel or other venue, we can convert it to a wine cellar tailored to your needs. We will review your space and create a design for you taking into account the number of bottles you need to store, your style preferences, the different kinds of storage solutions and appropriate conditioning units. Once you have approved the design we also offer a construction service.

Even if you only have an irregular or unusual space available we can work with the features of the room to create a unique wine cellar design in your desired style. You don’t need to feel confined to cellars either, as many modern houses do not have one. We can convert other spaces such as your attic, an outbuilding or even your garage into your ideal wine storage room.
We can design and build wine racking to create a bespoke wine storage area inside of your wine cellar, we also offer a range of specialist wine cellar doors.

For those who do not have a practical space for a wine cellar you may want to consider a wine room. These self-contained, freestanding wine rooms come in various sizes, with bespoke options also available. This will allow you to keep your wine in its optimum conditions in your home, without constructing a wine cellar.

There are a wide range of options available, so whether you have something in mind, or you would like advice on how to proceed we hope you will consider getting in touch to discuss your requirements.