Introducing Climadiff and Avintage Wine Cabinets (Wine Coolers)

Introducing two premium wine cabinet (wine cooler) manufacturers…

A Climadiff cabinet would be a lovely addition to your home or business giving you the perfect wine storage option. There are a wide range of products to choose from. Choose from a small integrated cabinet containing 7 bottles which would make a stylish kitchen feature, or go for something more substantial such as one of their larger freestanding wine cabinets which can contain over 250 bottles.

You will find various temperature-controlled wine cabinets with varying regulation ranges which will enable you to get the most suitable conditions for your wine whether you are planning for long term storage to enable it to reach full maturity or you require a wine cabinet for service.

There are an array of features available such as digital temperature displays, locks and sliding shelves. Both wooden and wire racks are available, depending on the unit. With the different size, style and function options available you are sure to find a cabinet to meet your needs.


The Avintage range is aimed at the Kitchen Specialist. Dependent on your needs we can offer a variety of dimensions and capacities to fit your available space and the required storage capacity, whether you are searching for a freestanding unit or an integrated solution. We have both service and conservation wine cabinets available. Whether you wish to store your wine to age it or for serving, with their stylish, modern design there is an Avintage cabinet that will suit you.

Depending on your requirements you may want to take advantage of some of the features that some models have such as UV resistant glass doors, 180° door opening to enable shelf removal and adjustable temperature ranges.


You don’t have to have a wine cellar in order to use these stunning display cabinets, they would be right at home in your kitchen, entertaining space or garage. Wherever you have room! Please feel free to contact us or browse the Climadiff and Avintage ranges on our website for more information.