What is the correct temperature to store wine at?

Photo by Marco Mornati on Unsplash

Well, this depends on if you want to store or serve the wine!

For wine which you are planning to serve, temperature is the most important consideration, but for storing wine it is a little more complicated. A purpose made wine cabinet will take into account the necessary factors for long term storage. Of course temperature, but also humidity, odour, vibration and light.


For serving, the ideal temperature depends on the type of wine. Though opinions can differ slightly, and there is always personal taste to take into account, wine usually tastes at its best when served between 12 and 18°C for red wine and 8 and 12°C for white wine, with lighter wines being best enjoyed at the cooler end of the scale.
At home you could simply take a single bottle out of the fridge and leave until it has reached the desired temperature, but in an environment like a bar or a restaurant where waiting around for the wine to reach the ideal temperature is not an option, and you need it at the perfect temperature right away, a wine cabinet such as this La Sommeliére Service Wine Cabinet (/en/product/wine-cabinet-ecs25-2z/) is required. This La Sommeliére Service Wine Cabinet holds 24 bottles, in two zones which can be kept at different temperatures between 5 and 20°C allowing you to store different kinds of wine in the same unit.


For storage, the ideal temperature is 10-14°C. This is especially important as inconsistency in storage temperature can cause wine to quickly deteriorate. The Avintage Conservation Wine Cabinet (/en/product/avintage-conservation-wine-cabinet-avv168b/) has an anti-UV treated glass door, an anti-vibration systems and an adjustable temperature range of 5-18°C.

Whatever your wine storage needs, we have a wide range of products available to ensure your wine is at the perfect temperature. If you have any questions, please get in touch!