Technowine Professional Wine Preservation Systems

An advanced, yet easy to use wine preservation system, TechnoWine preserves an unlimited number of open wine and Champagne bottles. The system prevents wine oxidation, preserving the wine in perfect condition for at least 15 days.

For wine bars, restauranteurs and hoteliers, you can now serve still or sparkling wine, even if it has been open for 15 days, as if the bottle had just been uncorked. Not only will you reduce waste, always important, but you’ll also have happy customers enjoying wine and Champagne in perfect condition.

There are two TechnoWine styles or models; Table Top and Tower.
Table Top is exactly as the name suggests, whilst Tower can be positioned between two fridges and is ideal for all hospitality venues that need to show customers bottles of wine.

There are three systems available, and you can choose the system and style to suit your venue. The systems are:

Wine Preservation Technowine System
Champagne Preservation Technowine System
Duo Wine Preservation Technowine System

The Duo Preservation TechnoWine, as the name suggests, provides a preservation system for sparkling, as well as still wine. With this system, you can serve any kind of wine confident that it will be in perfect condition.

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Whichever system you choose, the machine requires just 2-5 seconds to create a perfect vacuum inside the bottle. This vacuum is vital for maximising the wine conservation time, preventing damage or structural change.

All three systems introduce a controlled quantity of food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) to prevent oxidation and preserve the wine. With balanced, accurate pressure created inside the bottles the wine is perfectly preserved.

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Accessories include:

TechnoWine Corks for wine bottles x20 units
TechnoWine Magnum Corks for Magnums and Screw Top Wine Bottles x10 units
TechnoWine Champagne Corks for Champagne
TechnoWine Narrow Cork for Narrow Neck Bottles
TechnoWine Cleaning Wipes x100

To purchase any accessories please contact us.

If you are on the UK mainland, the product price includes delivery and delivery is generally within 14 days of your order being placed with us.

When you purchase a TechnoWine System, if you are not satisfied with any unit during the first 30 days, we will take it back, no question asked.

Wine Corner Limited is the Exclusive Distributor for TechnoWine for the United Kingdom.

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