TechnoWine Professional Wine Preservation Systems Accessories

When using the TechnoWine Professional Wine Preservation System, it makes sense to use the appropriate accessories to ensure you make the most of the system.

The accessories include corks for wine, Champagne, magnums, screw top wine bottles as well as narrow neck wine bottles. Working perfectly with the Preservation System, you can purchase additional stocks as and when required.

TechnoWine Corks
TechnoWine Corks for wine bottles x 20 units  = £19.04
Techno Magnum Corks for Magnums and Screw Top Wine Bottles x 10 units  = £14.28
Techno Champagne Corks for Champagne £9.52 each                                                                                                         Techno Narrow Cork for Narrow Neck Bottles £19.04 each                                                                                                         Techno Cleaning Wipes x 100 pieces = £14.00

To purchase any of the above, please contact us.

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