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Ballaí Fíon Tráchtála

Wine Walls –
Premium Storage and Display

EXPO Wine Wall is a superbly designed temperature-controlled wine storage and display system, perfect for restaurants, cellars and the home. Not only does Wine Wall provide perfect storage conditions, the various display and presentation options provide a superb selling and buying experience for sommeliers, collectors and guests.

Wine Walls can be:

  • Integrated
  • Free-standing
  • Fully Glazed Islands

Bottles can be displayed:

  • Horizontally
  • Diagonally
  • Vertically
  • In cabinets with luxury décor trim
  • In luxury ‘ready to pour’ wall display cabinets

The most unique feature of Wine Wall is the flexibility of its modular design. Both the technical and visual aspects of Wine Wall offer a wide range of storage, display and external finish options, including delicatessen and specialist food storage.

With such a premium and specialised system, there are an infinite number of combinations, so please call us on +44 1302 744916 to speak with our in-house wine wall specialist for guidance. Alternatively, you can book a site visit for a full consultation, more information can be found here.

If you’d like to explore some possibilities yourself, why not try out the EXPO Wine Wall Configurator here?

Bespoke Wine Wall Solutions

Not just one solution!

Wine Corner are specialists and exclusive suppliers of European manufactured cooling and wine conditioning equipment which means you have access to a variety of wine storage and display solutions for your particular project. Whether your location is on the top storey, halfway up a mountain, or underneath a Chateau, we will find a storage solution for you.

Practical Experience

Uniquely, we have in-house engineers, which gives us real-life experience with the practicalities and design aspects of your storage needs and solutions. We know the reality of installing and living or working with larger wine storage solutions, so we can guide you every step of the way.

Considering Finance?

Please click here to contact our leasing partner Kennet Leasing.

More about EXPO Wine Wall

Temperature Zones

  • Wine Walls come with a choice of single or multiple temperature zones, giving you flexibility with which wines you store and where.
  • Including half cabinets in your design allows for the possibility of a dedicated serving cabinet, allowing finer, older wines, to remain undisturbed.

Build Quality

  • Designed and built in Italy, the cooling compressors are vibration-free and all the glazing components are treated to prevent UV light affecting the wine.
  • Wine Walls are built-to-order, providing extra re-assurance with their quality control.
  • The specification of wine walls for commercial use provides greater resilience in everyday use.
  • Wine Walls are designed to deliver superb service between 10 and 15 years or more.


  • Décor frames, both contemporary and classic, can be colour-matched to suit your interior design and location.
  • The Décor frames can be changed without disturbing the cabinets.
  • The quality build and glazing can really make a wine wall a stunning centre piece, hallway or entrance. They can even create a partition to incorporate in your interior design.
  • LED Lighting – innovations are constantly changing the options available – we will advise the latest choices when you make contact with us.

Functionality during installation

  • Specialist designers have devised a system where are variety of temperature-controlled and neutral storage and display units can be assembled, with mains access, air flow and drainage already integrated for ease of use and flexibility of installation.

In conclusion

Wine walls are growing in popularity due to the versatility of where they can be installed in different types of buildings, and their ability to become a structural feature of a building or establishment. In the 21st century, wine storage is now a thing of beauty, seducing collectors, connoisseurs and enthusiasts. It can now be enjoyed by many at all levels and no longer banished to dusty, fusty underground makeshift storage areas.