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When Choosing a Place in the Home for a Wine Cellar, Temperature Control is the most important.

In order to have perfect, long term storage, an insulated and air-conditioned space is the most ideal for this. Whether you are storing your wine in the basement, garage or an outhouse, it needs to be securely insulated, as well as contain the appropriate equipment to regulate humidity and temperature.

Noise Levels

At Wine Corner, we supply the quietest conditioning units on the current market. The WineMaster WineARM15 is the quietest in our range at 38dB in regulated and consistent testing conditions. With the latest eco-friendly refrigerant gases, gurgling or humming sounds may be more noticeable from time to time, however, it is perfectly normal.

If having a wine cellar of your own is not optimal, we also offer a wide range of cabinets and Wine Rooms as an option for you. These other options can provide a similar experience to a wine cellar.

Find Out More About Wine Storage and Cabinets

For wine to be at it’s best, your wine needs to be stored in premium conditions. All wines need to be stored in the right environment and we have a selected range of premium wine cabinets.

Storage Considerations

There are many steps to consider when storing wine in your very own cellar. The temperature is imperative for a wine to truly flourish and stay fresh for longer. The idea temperature is between 10°C and 14°C. If the temperature is varied too frequently on either side, the wine could be permanently damaged as a result.


A cellar that has a slight dampness is the most ideal cellar for any wine, as this prevents the wine from getting corked.

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“Wine Corner transformed my garage into a very respectable wine store with the minimum of fuss. They worked really hard and did a very nice job, carpentry, plastering, electrics and decorating. We are delighted with the result and are very happy to recommend them.”

“If you collect wine as well as drinking it, you need the correct place to store it. Wine Corner have the knowledge and products to create wine cellars from scratch and I can recommend both the company and the people. 100% service and excellent end result.”

“Wine Corner know their products and the specialized wine storage industry in great detail. They tell you ‘how it is’ and you know exactly where you stand. They are also very accommodating, they come up with some great ideas and we found them to be totally reliable. Very pleased.”

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Light & Vibration

Your wine should always be kept in the dark as the ultraviolet light permanently destroys the wine. Wine cabinets with anti-UV glass doors are also perfect for protecting wines from natural and artificial light.

Vibration can also agitate the wine, so it is ideal for the wine to be secure in the cellar. Older wines are more agitated by vibrations due to their age.