When it comes to wine cellar design and build, Wine Corner can help.

The company’s latest project was an underground wine cellar design and build project in Liverpool.

Project Summary

Type of project: Underground Wine Cellar Design and Build

Wine Cellar Size: 2.6m wide by 1.4m high
Walls: Stoneworks, Insulation
Racking: Solid oak, finished with Danish oil

Location: Liverpool

All wine cellar projects are unique and as such Wine Corner tailors the design and build to each client’s requirements. The company takes into consideration the space being used and the size of the wine collection to be stored and displayed.

For this project, Wine Corner made an initial site visit to see the customer and discussed his wine cellar needs including how many bottles he would like to store. Once the requirements were established, measurements were taken of the wine cellar area. Irwen Martin from Wine Corner noticed that the bare brick work was prone to damp as the wine cellar was under the road. To prevent damp Wine Corner recommended insulating the walls.

Based on the site survey, Wine Corner worked on a design with the customer, making changes as requested, until he was completely satisfied with the design. The cost for completion of the project was agreed and the client placed the order.

As Wine Corner had recommended insulation and Stoneworks for the walls, when this had been completed, Wine Corner re-measured the room to ensure that the racking would fit correctly into the new space. The final size of the wine cellar was 2.6m wide by 1.4m high. The design was tweaked again, based on the new dimensions, and again approved by the customer.

Wine Corner then manufactured the racking to the exact dimensions using solid oak, finished with a Danish oil. Fitting the racking on site was completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

The design of the wine racking and Stonework walls, as well as the build, was completed by Wine Corner.

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