IP Wooden Wine Cabinet CEXPK601


The Wooden Panelled Wine Cabinet CEXPK601 is one of our range of Italian Wine Cabinets by IP and is available as a mono temperature cabinet with two independent cabinets with lockable UV protected glass doors

The CEXPK601 Wine Cabinet holds 134 wine bottles; 78 bottles in the top cabinet and 56 bottles in the bottom section.

A beautiful solid wood finish with clean lines gives this cabinet a classic yet contemporary look.

The CEXKP601 wine cabinet has internal LED lighting, and comes with the option of standard or sliding shelves. However, the bottle capacity of this wine cabinet will vary depending on which type of shelves you choose.

Design is not just what it looks like, design is how it works.  This is where Italian manufacturer IP Spa excels with both classic and contemporary cabinets, built with quality materials and backed up with advanced technological research.


Dimensions (mm)H:         1940 W:655 D:635

No. of Bottles                    78+56


This Wood Wine Cabinet is a beautiful piece of furniture and is available in a choice of either Walnut, Oak, Cherry and Wenge.  If you make an online purchase, we will call you to ascertain which wood panelling you would like.

Standard shelving included in the price:

Model: CEXPK601
Stock Shelves: 3
Sliding Shelves: 1
Small Shelves: 5
No of Bottles: 134
  • Other types of interior fittings and shelving are available for cigars, cheese and charcuterie.
  • Wood panel colour samples can be supplied on request
  • Different shelving arrangements will affect the number of bottles that can be stored
  • Price includes VAT and delivery to UK Mainland
  • Delivery from the time of order is 4 – 6 weeks

Please call us on 01302 744916 or email us at info@winecorner.co.uk for details.