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Ducting – 2 metre Section for WineMaster WINE IN25


2 metre length of ducting, perfect for the installation of the Wine Master IN25 Wine Conditioning Unit.


The unit price for this item is £126.00 including VAT. If you are ordering a single unit and you need it delivered, please order online.  The price shown includes the delivery charge.

Unfortunately, the ducting is classed as ‘oversized’ by parcel carriers, and therefore commands an exorbitant delivery charge.

If you need more than one unit, or you are purchasing this ducting with another item, (for example the IN25 Unit), then please call us to confirm and pay for your order over the phone so that you aren’t over-charged for delivery.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cur síos

High specification Ducting Accessories

An efficient air flow is essential for energy efficiency and the best performance from your conditioning unit.  Additional bends, ducting and joining sections are available to provide the best air flow possible.

Please call us on 01302 744916 for advice.

This ducting section (W2550) is 2 metres long, made from premium materials to ensure excellent sealing and insulation to preserve the air flow.  The straight section comes complete with internal connecting cuff.

The ducting is 125mm diameter (internal measurement).