To meet the design requirements for glazed displays, Wine Corner is launching a new range of wine cellar and wine cabinet conditioners: WINE SP40. The WINE SP40DU is specifically for wine cellars up to 40m3.

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Whether you are a passionate wine lover or a professional restaurateur, your wine collection deserves the finest showcase to enhance everybody’s pleasure.

The new generation conditioning units for wine cellars from Wine Corner offers:
• Unobtrusive positioning
• Constant temperature regulation by heating or cooling
• Humidity level maintained
• Temperature adjustable from 4°C to 15°C
• Low noise levels
• Automatic defrosting
• Serial reheating

To protect your wine further, we have provided all the essential protective features including:
• Pressure-controlled expansion valve and speed regulator
• Pressure-controlled safety switches for low and high pressure
• Check valve
• Heating belt
• Metal dust filter

The WINE SP40DU is a split unit with ducted evaporator system for wine cellars.

WINE SP40DU is available in three versions: the basic Split Conditioning Unit, for connections over a maximum distance of 20m horizontally and 10m vertically, and two models with insulated pre-charged flexible connecting lines, 4 m or 8 m in length, for simple installation between the indoor and outdoor locations.

The WINE SP40DU requires a separate 16amp power supply.

Detailed installation and user instructions will be available soon – please contact us in the meantime.

A two years warranty against any manufactured defect is provided for peace of mind.

Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit SP40DUPRO for Wine Cellars User Guide - 2mb Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit SP40CAPRO for Bespoke Wine Cabinets User Guide - 2mb

For more information please call us or email info@winecorner.co.uk

Delivery is free and generally within 3 to 5 working days to mainland UK locations.



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