New Wine Cellar for Proud Collector

For this collector in the South of England, wine is his passion, and for many of his friends, it is a passion too.  His new wine cellar is an important part of his home and central to his everyday lifestyle.  He wanted his collection to be visible without having to enter the cellar itself, quite literally, part of the decor.  As part of the cellar design, including the insulation and new door, a new internal window was added to help integrate the cellar into the home.

When the specification for the conditioning equipment was completed and the best unit selected, some clever ‘masking’ was done by modifying the racking to make the conditioning unit virtually invisible – see photos below!  The photos also show how compact and neat the external part of the unit is, ready for a suitable fascia to be installed.

Working alongside our client who was eager to see how the project was progressing, the Wine Corner Team were able to deliver exactly what he wanted, and the results have exceeded his expectations.  He is in a very happy place, as they say! and he is very proud to invite his friends and family around to enjoy his collection too.