Wine Storage in Small Spaces

Have you always wanted to have your own wine cellar but don’t think you have the room to dedicate to one, or for a large wine storage unit?

For the wine aficionado, there are several options for keeping your wine in optimum conditions in a small space.

Have you considered an integrated wine storage unit? These units can be fitted into your kitchen, some of them can even be covered by your own kitchen door panels if you would like them to blend in, such as the IP Integrated Wine Cabinet CI140. This is a discreet way to ensure that your wine collection is readily at hand and cooled to your requirements while also being understated and unobtrusive.

If you would prefer to show off your wine, there are many modern, stylish options available. One of our smaller wine cabinets is the Climadiff Integrated Chambrage Wine Cabinet CLE7. This wine cabinet will fit up to 7 bottles, perfect for keeping a small selection on hand and chilled ready to drink.

Perhaps you are happy with your kitchen as it is but would still like an attractive way to display your wine? A unique way to present it would be a wine picture frame, such as the Quadro Vino No. 30. This wine picture frame allows you to cool three bottles of sparkling wine to the right temperature while also displaying them. Frames are available in a variety of colours and finishes to fit in with your décor, or chose a contrasting look to make a bold statement.

So, it just goes to show that with so many attractive options you don’t need to have a huge space in order to store and display your wine. We are sure one of our cabinets would make a lovely addition to your home, and we would be more than happy to discuss these and other options with you.