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Our Bespoke Wine Cellars

Our elegant Bespoke Wine Cellars are innovatively designed to suit your personal space or business. Wine needs to be cared for and given the right environment in order for the wine to remain fresh. From the door to the wine racking, from hot climates to cold climates, the Wine Corner team are here for you to ensure your wine is stored in the correct conditions.

Easy to Use

We ensure our wine cellars are easy to use with a purpose built control panel with your cellar so you can easily alter the temperature and check the temperature so you know when your wine is sat at the right temperature. 

Introduction to Wine Walls

To learn more about our sophisticated Wine Walls, click the link below to find out more about our state of the art Wine Walls.

Anti-Vibration System

Our Anti-Vibration System ensures your wines will not deteriorate. We install shock absorbers in your cellar to maintain the quality of your wine, improving the quality of life in your wines.

Constant Temperature

The conditioning units from Wine Corner automatically maintain a temperature between 8 and 14 °C and are all built with a resistor to increase the temperature when required. 

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Get in Contact About Finance

To find out if you are eligable for purchasing with finance, get in contact with us.

“Wine Corner transformed my garage into a very respectable wine store with the minimum of fuss. They worked really hard and did a very nice job, carpentry, plastering, electrics and decorating. We are delighted with the result and are very happy to recommend them.”

“If you collect wine as well as drinking it, you need the correct place to store it. Wine Corner have the knowledge and products to create wine cellars from scratch and I can recommend both the company and the people. 100% service and excellent end result.”

“Wine Corner know their products and the specialized wine storage industry in great detail. They tell you ‘how it is’ and you know exactly where you stand. They are also very accommodating, they come up with some great ideas and we found them to be totally reliable. Very pleased.”

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Made to Last

The Wine Corner Team guarantee a quality of life to your cellar. Every component of your cellar has been manufactured to a high standard to ensure you get the most out of your state of the art wine cellar. 

Easy Maintenance

All equipment, even at the highest possible standard, require constant maintenance. All of the units that will be installed into your cellar have easy-change filters made from premium materials ensuring the heat exchanger and compressor are protected. 

Book Your Wine Cellar Installation

If you are eager to get a Wine Cellar of your very own, be sure to contact us and book your installation now.