Wine Cellars and Wine Storage Solutions

All wine lovers know that wine is fragile. It needs careful attention and the best storage environment to reach its full potential. However, the conditions that are conducive to this seldom exist in the cellar of an old house, let alone the modern home where there is no traditional cellar.

The traditional cellar does not exist. At Wine Corner we can offer the solution to this problem, no matter how large or small your wine collection might be.

We do not believe in resting on our laurels. Commitment to a programme of continual product development ensures that we always provide our customers with a wide range of products that offer optimum levels of performance and reliability.

The Benefits of Wine Cellars from Wine Corner

Easy to use
A digital control panel is used to set the conditioner to the required temperature and can be checked at a glance to ensure that your wine storage conditions are optimal.

Anti-vibration system
Vibration is not good for your bottles; it can result in deterioration of the wine. With our cellars, all moving parts are mounted on rubber shock absorbers which absorb the vibrations.

Made to last
Through the choice of high quality components (compressor, thermostat, exchangers, fans etc.), inspection each stage of manufacture and use of tried and tested designs, our cellar air- conditioners are made to last

Constant temperature
All our conditioners are equipped with an electronic thermostat with digital display. Accurate and reliable, it automatically maintains the required temperature (8°C - 14°C). They are also equipped with a resistor so that you can heat the atmosphere if necessary. Your cellar will be maintained at a constant temperature all year round. To avoid wide variations in temperature between floor and ceiling, the unit permanently circulates the air in the cellar, thus preventing any stagnation.

Controlled humidity
AExcess humidity promotes the growth of mould. On the other hand, an atmosphere which is too dry threatens the cork seal. The ideal relative humidity level is between 60 and 80% and it varies with ambient temperature. The operating principle is to condense excessive moisture and evacuate it. Indeed, the evaporation temperature (on the cold side) has been designed and adjusted to avoid drying the air excessively and to maintain humidity at the required level.

Easy to maintain
All conditioners are fitted with interchangeable dust filters. With use, the heat exchanger becomes loaded with dust, preventing the device from cooling properly, which leads to an increase in gas pressure and could eventually destroy the compressor. The filter considerably reduces the deposit of dust and also facilitates cleaning.

Silent for a peaceful atmosphere
Particularly silent fans and acoustic foam keep the units very discrete. The Wine C50S model also has a pressure switch which adjusts the speed of the outside fan according to need, thereby reducing noise even more. Laboratory measurements on the most powerful model in the range recorded only 47dB 1 metre from the device and 43dB at 3 metres.

Ecological and efficient
All our conditioners run on R404a gas, an ecological coolant with no CFCs, which conserves the ozone layer. Compared with other gases, such as R134, this gas gives the compressor greater power while reducing the space required and controlling electrical consumption. The compressor's cooling capacity also helps to increase its life span.

A profitable investment
With a bespoke, quality wine cellar design and installation, you can now purchase young wines, particularly vintage wines which will increase in value as they age. You can store a large number of bottles (several thousand), which is a great advantage, particularly when compared with wine cabinets, which have limited capacity.


Wine Cellar Services - bespoke custom wine storage rooms that defy convention

Wine Corner can provide ideas and recommendations regarding wine cellar design and construction as well as the most appropriate wine storage solutions. We can develop a plan that meets your objectives, so that your cellar is just right for you.

Project management
From start to finish, we manage and supervise the building of your cellar to ensure that budgets and schedules, as well as specifications, are followed.

Wine Cellar Design
Our knowledge of construction, cooling systems and wine storage solutions enables us to offer designs that enhance the space as well as provide a perfect environment for fine wine storage. Find out more about our Wine Cellar Design Service here.

Wine Corner can provide wine cellar construction services as well as consultancy, project management and design. Find out more about our Wine Cellar Build Service here.

Bespoke Wine Cellars from Wine Corner

Please see to the right a photo kindly provided by a Wine Corner customer. This is one of our recent installations. This wine cellar also included the wine cellar conditioning unit SP100 from Wine Corner.

For examples of other wine cellars we have designed and built, please see our Gallery of Photos.

If you would like to discuss your wine cellar requirements, please call us on 03333 702589 or email and we will be in touch.

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