Integrated Wine Cabinets from Wine Corner

The CI140 Wine Cabinet is our unique integrated wine cabinet allowing full integration into your kitchen. The cabinet can be totally concealed within almost any style or make of kitchen cabinet. This means that wine can be discreetly stored at the optimum temperature. So you can enjoy all the benefits of our exquisite cooling units whilst retaining the unique character of your kitchen.

We also offer a range of other wine coolers that integrate into your kitchen with one or more glass doors to the front of the cabinets so you can ‘show off’ your wine selection.

A range of different shelves are available to suit your specific needs and you can be sure that our integrated range shares all the benefits of our freestanding coolers including easy cleaning stainless steel interiors.

Why not take a look at Wine Wall from Wine Corner too? Wine Wall from Wine Corner can also be designed for integration and is a unique, modular wine display, storage and serving system.