Wine Cellar Monitors

All wine lovers know that wine is fragile. It needs careful attention and the best storage environment to reach its full potential.  

Temperature and humidity is important for the storage of wine. A humidity of approximately 75% is often given as being ideal to ensure corks do not dry out. If corks dry out too much then they will become slightly porous exposing the wine to outside air. Wine is susceptible to changes in temperature, with temperature control being an important consideration in wine storage. If the wine is exposed to too high a temperature (in excess of 25 °C) for long periods, it may become spoilt and develop off flavours that taste stewed. If the wine is exposed to temperatures that are too cold, the wine can freeze and expand, causing the cork to be pushed out; this will allow more oxygen to be exposed to the wine.

Dramatic temperature swings (such as repeated transferring a wine from a warm room to a cool refrigerator) can also cause adverse reactions in the wine that may lead to a variety of wine faults. Most experts recommend wine is stored at constant temperatures between 10 and 15 °C with a humidity of approximately 75%.

Wine Environment Monitors from Wine Corner help you to monitor your wine cellar conditions and enable you to adjust temperatures and humidity based on accurate readings from sophisticated monitoring devices.

Wine Tempo Temperature and Humidity Monitor

The Wine Tempo Temperature and Humidity Monitor is the ultimate wine cellar monitoring device combining powerful features with beauty, making monitoring your wine cellar environment simple and straightforward.

Ideal for monitoring the storage conditions of your wine regardless of the size of your cellar, the Wine Tempo features include:

Easy set up with no wires or cables as Wine Tempo uses Bluetooth Smart wireless technology

Memory to store up to 30 days of data recorded hourly

Set frequency of data recording, units of measure, sensor calibration and more with the free app

Long battery life, using two AA batteries, with operation over 12 months in continuous use

Alerts can be set for high and low thresholds, alerts go to your smart phone when in range

Free apps compatible with iOS and Android devices, available from the App Store or Google Play

Available in White, Black, Grey and Pebble colours to suit your wine cellar design


85 mm/3.3” long
55 mm/2.16” wide
35 mm/1.38 “ high


270 grams/9.5 ounces


+/- 0.3C Degrees
5% Relative Humidity
3 Millbars Pressure


75m/240’ line of sight typical
3 - 11m/10‘ - 36’ obstructed typical


2 x AA replaceable


12 months typical


-25C / -13F to 75C / 167F Degrees
5%-95% Relative Humidiy

Price: £54.00 (£45.00 + VAT = £54.00)

Tempo Tempo Mobile

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