Product Ref: WINEC50S

Price: £2640.00

Dimensions (mm)H:530 W:552 D:590

The Wine Cellar Conditioning Unit or Cooling Unit, WINE C50S provides cooling for cellars up to 50m3 in size and helps to transform a well insulated room into a real wine cellar.

The WINE C50S has many features and benefits including:

• Wine protection from excessive light with a built-in night light

• Easy installation with its wooden set-in frame

• Large numbers of wines can be stored with the WINE C50S cooling 50m3

• The best wine cellar conditions with temperatures maintained between 8 and 15 degrees celsius

• Excellent humidity control with condensation of moisture excess and removal to the outside

• Quiet in operation with anti-vibration system with elements mounted on rubber shock absorbers

• Power consumption controlled by the fans on the condenser side

• Ecological coolant gas used (R404a) that does not contain CFCs

• Dimensions of the device enable installation in cellars, attics or other under utilised areas of your home

• Easy maintenance with a dust filter change recommended once a year

• Maintains temperatures with a heating function (heating belt) if the temperature starts to drop too low

Wooden frame external dimensions (mm) 374h x 544w x 150d
Power 1200 W

Delivery is free and generally within 3 to 5 working days to mainland UK locations.

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